McDonald’s Customer Pulls Gun on Employee For Forgetting Dipping Sauce

Police in Chickasha, Oklahoma are on the lookout for a man who, when noticing his McDonald’s order was missing its dipping sauce, pointed a gun at a teenaged employee. Via The Smoking Gun:

A female cashier told police that a vehicle came through the drive-thru late Tuesday night and the driver picked up an order. But after discovering that the McDonald’s bag was short an item, a male passenger became upset, according to police in Chickasha, a city 40 miles southwest of Oklahoma City.

At that point, the suspect, who was in the vehicle’s back seat, pointed a gun at the employee and warned, “Don’t make me use this” and “Don’t let it happen again.”

Can you blame this man? Sure, it’s a bit of an overreaction to what was probably an unintentional mistake, but have you ever tried to consume McDonald’s Chicken Selects without sauce? They are a dry, crumbly wasteland when not enhanced with buffalo and ranch.

There are also reports that state the missing item may have been fries, and not sauce. That, too, would make this reaction justified.

[Image via McDonald’s]