McDonald’s Has Completely Lost It’s Identity By Unveiling ‘Hipster’ Store With A Goddamn Salad Bar


McDonald’s is trying to make us forget that they are usually only the best option when we’re blackout drunk. They neglect to acknowledge that the decor and presentation of their stores are erroneous in comparison to the delicious trans fat we choose to consume when our decision making is altered by 41 beers.

In an attempt to compete with the “higher end” burger chains like Five Guys, McDonald’s unveiled a ‘McDonald’s Next’ store in Hong Kong–a futuristic, minimalistic store that resembles a Chipotle, complete with charging stations, a salad bar, and a water fountain.

Check out some of the posh pics of what Micky D’s dubs “the future of fast food” below.


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McLovin McMy McMakeYourOwnBurgerMeal #LoveKoTo #McdonaldsNext #JettAway #JettTheFoodie

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Do less, McDonald’s.

[h/t Death and Taxes]

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