MegaBots FINALLY Debuts The (Finished) Giant Deadly Robot Which Will Fight Japan’s Robot

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MegaBots, Inc. has finally unveiled the finished Mk.III robot. It’s a 16-foot-tall robot that weighs 12-tons and runs on 430-horsepower. This is the finished product, the robot that MegaBots, Inc. will send to fight Japan’s creation in a giant deadly robot fight that’s set to take place later this Summer.

Never before have I felt as committed to a story as I do with this ‘USA vs. Japan Giant Deadly Robot Fight‘ saga. I’ve been following the progress of MegaBots since they day they laid down the challenge against Japan. Now that the end is in sight I’m beginning to feel slight catharsis knowing that we’re just around the corner from Team USA laying the robot smackdown on Team Japan.

Today, MegaBots released a video and images of the finished Mk.III robot. As you can see in the clip above, Team USA is fielding the deadliest robot ever built and it’s not even close. Frankly, I’d be shocked if Team Japan didn’t tuck tail and wave the white flag after seeing the finished Mk.III robot. My only concern with MegaBots, Inc. releasing footage of the finished robot three months before the robot fight is it potentially gives Team Japan time to make changes to their robot that could help it in battle.

MegaBots Mk.III Giant Deadly Robot Team USA

Here’s a list of bullet points released by MegaBots, Inc. today regarding the work left to be done before the final Battle Royale goes down:

— The Mk.III weighs 12 tons, stands 16 ft tall, is driven by a 430 HP engine, and cost $2.5M including parts and labor.
— The Mk.III has on the order of 2,000 individual wires, over 100 hydraulic hoses, 14 video cameras, and 26 degrees of freedom.
— The Mk.III is piloted by a team of two people – a driver in back, and a gunner in front.
— The Mk.III is fighting the KURATAS robot from Suidobashi Heavy Industries in August of 2017
— The MegaBots team has been working on this robot for over a year, with a team that’s grown from the 2 founders to 18 full-time staff
— The Mk.III started moving as a cohesive robot 2 days before the Maker Faire appearance
— The Mk.III was throttled to 25% of its top speed at Maker Faire in order to protect the audience and keep the robot from damaging itself
— The MegaBots team will be spending the next few months tuning the Mk.III in order to get it to its top speed

As for when and where this Team USA vs Team Japan robot battle will go down, you can CLICK HERE to see all of the details that we know so far.

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