Woman Who Made A 3D Printed Canoe From Her Vagina Faces Two Years In Jail

Megumi Igarashi, an artist from Japan, is looking down the barrel of two years in jail because she created a canoe using a 3D printer shaped like her vagina.

She is currently on trial for distributing obscene materials including allegedly uploading nude photos and sending them to 30 people who volunteered to help her pay for her greatest creation: “the pussy boat.”

Here is the woman in question. She also goes by the name “Rokudenashiko” or “good-for-nothing girl.”

Embed from Getty Images

Yep, she’s a big fan of vaginas all right.

Megumi Igarashi dismisses the charges against her saying that she did not in fact send any image to anyone for money and didn’t believe that the scanned 3D data should be considered obscene.

According to The Guardian

The activist Minori Kitahara said police raided Igarashi’s office and seized 20 of her artworks. “Japan is still a society where those who try to express women’s sexuality are suppressed, while men’s sexuality is overly tolerated,” she said.

She goes on to make a few more salient points…

“The fact that I was arrested for this at all shows that Japan is still very backwards about women’s sexual expression, that it is not acknowledged at all except as something for men’s pleasure,” Igarashi told Reuters after her first trial hearing. “There’s huge resistance to women using their body to express themselves. The fact that I was arrested for this is just strange.”

I think that perhaps Igarashi might have a point. This is the same country that just yesterday we pointed out has a game show where men have to sing karaoke while getting hand jobs to the point of orgasm, but yet she’s on trial facing a $24,500 fine and jail time for printing out a boat shaped like her vay-jay.

This is why I will never, ever get Japan.