Do You Keep Your Milk In The Door Of Your Refrigerator? Here’s Why You Should Stop Doing That

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I keep my milk in the door of my refrigerator. It just fits so nicely in there all cozy on that shelf. Plus I always know where it is whenever I need to grab it for some good dairy refreshment.

Turns out that I, and I have to assume thousands of others, have been totally screwing ourselves by doing that though.

According to a recently published guide on how to organize your refrigerator by Good Housekeeping, the door is just about the worst place to store your milk.

Why? According to them the door is the warmest area of the fridge and most susceptible to temperature fluctuations. They recommend only storing foods that have natural preservatives in the door, such as condiments, jams and juice.

So where should we be storing our milk? On the lower or middle shelves along with other dairy products like cheeses, yogurt and butter.

They also shared a bunch of other tips on things that I have been totally screwing up (and I am sure I am not alone) like never putting hot food into the fridge, because it will raise the fridge’s overall temperature and can lead to food poisioning and spoilage.

Another important recommendation they shared is that the bottom shelf, which is the coldest part of the refrigerator, should be used for wrapped raw meat and fish to make it last longer as well as because it minimizes the risk of cross-contamination.

Check out the rest of their recommendations here and then go fix that disorganized and unhealthy fridge of yours.

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