Miller Lite Gave Matthew McConaughey’s Brother A Year’s Supply Of Miller Lite For Naming His Son Miller Lite

Matthew McConaughey’s older brother Rooster is maybe the biggest Texas Bro King you’ve never heard of. He owns the massive LP Ranch in Mertzon, along with a company that provides piping solutions to Texas’s massive oil industry. Earlier this summer I called him a “straight-talking, beer-drinking, salt-of-the-earth, self-made multimillionaire” while hyping his new show on CNBC, West Texas Investors Club. If you haven’t watched it, try to catch it sometime — It’s like Shark Tank had a baby with Swamp People and best enjoyed with a massive pinch of Red Man in your cheek.

Anyway, Rooster McConaughey REALLY likes beer. Specifically, Miller Lite. In fact, he named his son Miller Lyte, that’s how much he likes their brand of pilsner gold. As a reward for being a loyal customer, the folks at Miller are sending him a “year’s supply” of the brew.

But not so fast! A year’s supply to a beer company isn’t the same as what you and I think of as a year’s supply. Via TMZ:

The folks at Miller Lite caught wind of Rooster’s brand loyalty and they’re sending him 24 cases … what they consider a year supply. Here’s the thing … each case of Miller Lite has 24 cans and if you do the math, that’s 576 beers … or 1.5 beers a day.

576 beers. That’s enough for like… A tame tailgate with friends before a college football game? Rooster is going to devour those beers in no time.

[H/T: Uproxx]

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