Hot Model On Reality Show Is Pushed Into Pool During Game, Flashes Everyone When Her Bikini Top Falls Off

Colombian model Claudia Ramirez was a contestant on the Peruvian show “Verana Extremo” (translation: Extreme Summer) playing a game called…well, I don’t know what that game is called. It looks stupid anyway and the name of the game isn’t the point. The point is that Claudia lost the game and got thrown into a swimming pool, causing her bikini top to fly off.

According to Mirror, Claudia “walked off the show after the incident and was later filmed crying as she talked about the backlash following the incident”:

“This can happen to anybody, and all this makes me so angry out of sheer frustration, but everything is fine. It’s a competition after all”, she commented, when asked about the incident.

Poor Claudia. Maybe wear a more heavy-duty bikini if you know you’re gonna potentially be thrown into a pool next time you’re on live television, unless of course you’re looking to go viral across the Internet – in which case, wear a looser one. Or maybe don’t even wear one at all (this is terrible advice please ignore me).

[H/T Mirror]