The Greatest Woman In The World Ate 14 Pounds Of Steak In Under 20 Minutes This Weekend

How much steak did you eat this weekend? Let’s say that Friday night you went and got a 24 ounce bone-in ribeye. You were just promoted or something or whatever. You woke up hungover and needed the greasy fat of a cheese steak to satiate your screaming stomach and head. Dinner Saturday night was fajitas. Sunday maybe you went to an all-day barbeque and had three hamburgers.

That’s still not even like 50 ounces of steak, which means you got nothing on Molly Schuyler, who this weekend ate 216 ounces of steak. That’s 14 pounds.

It wasn’t a leisurely, chill three days of steak eating, either. No, it was in 20 minutes.


The steak consumption was part of a promotion for Big Texan Steak Ranch’s massive eating challenge, which gives you a 72 ounce steak, a baked potato, shrimp cocktail, a salad and a roll. The entire meal is free is you finish it in an hour.

Schuyler finished her first meal in four minutes and 18 seconds, the fastest it has ever been done, then she said fuck it, why not, and ate two more.

Her next goal is to try to eat a fourth meal in the time limit.

You can watch a video of her inhaling steak below. Try not to get aroused.

[Via the Amarillo Globe News]