Watch A Badass Mongolian Eagle Hunt And Take Down A Fox While Wearing A GoPro Strapped To Its Wings

I have this friend named John, and he carries around a little pocket-sized notepad to write down outlandish things his friends say while drinking/smoking/etc. to remind them later of the funny things they said. He’s not doing it like ‘drunk people say the dumbest stuff, hahahahahaha’. He’s more writing down the aspirational life things that people say they when they’re drunk.

In my case, he reminded me a year or two ago that I once talked at length about wanting to get into Falconry while I was hammered. I don’t remember the night I said that stuff, and until watching this clip I forgot how badly I want to teach a Bird of Prey to hunt for me. Seriously, how fucking badass would it be to own and train a falcon or a hawk to take off from your arm and bring you back dinner? Is that not one of the most primally badass things you can do in life?

Realistically, I don’t ever see myself owning a falcon or a hawk until I’m at least 75 years old. And even more realistically, I don’t ever see myself living to be 75 years old with the way I’ve been drinking…So, what I’m really trying to say here is if any of you bros out there own a falcon and want to let me take it out for a day to hunt some small game I’d be very much obliged…Also, I swear I’m not high right now.

(via GoPro YouTube)