Monkeys Help Lost Man Survive In Amazon Rainforest For 9 Days

Maykool Coroseo Acuña was on a tour of a rainforest in the Amazon. He wandered off from the camp where the group was staying. The 25-year old Chilean man was instantly lost at the Madidi National Park in a Bolivian portion of the Amazon.

Park rangers searched for Acuña and had no signs of him until they found his sock a week after his disappearance. After nine days in the unforgiving Amazon jungle, Acuña was finally found alive by guides.

“Maykool had been found in very weak condition; nine days in the rainforest had left him dehydrated, his skin ravaged by bites, botflies, and spines, his feet and ankles painfully swollen. But his mind was working just fine,” according to National Geographic.

Incredibly, the lost man was able to survive in the Amazon thanks to a group of monkeys. He said he was able to survive by “following a group of monkeys, who dropped him fruit and lead him to shelter and water every day.”

The monkeys that are indigenous to the rainforest are Rosillo, Lucachi, and Titi monkeys, but they are not sure which species saved Acuña. If I was a betting man, my money would be on Titi monkeys, they seem like they could bring a man life.

Here I was thinking that the best attribute of monkeys was pointing at Katy Perry’s boobs.

But apparently, they can save your life if you’re ever lost in an Amazon rainforest too!

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