This MONSTER Powerlifter Nicknamed The ‘Iranian Hulk’ May Be The Only One On The Planet Who Can Lift Your Mother

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iranian hulk

Most of us go to the gym just to avoid looking like a complete piece of shit. If my tits don’t look like flabby traffic cones and I can handily beat a sixth grader in an arm wrestling contest, I can sleep easy at night. My aspirations in the weight room can be likened to my performance in the bedroom: three uninspired pumps and I’m off.

But some men, some more dedicated men than I, make cultivating mass and muscle a life mission. They won’t stop until they are the biggest possible versions of themselves. Until their ear lobes are swole. America has The Rock, Iceland has The Mountain, and Iran has Sajad Gharibi aka ‘the Iranian Hulk’ aka the ‘Persian Hercules.’

I’d say he’s earned that title.

Caption translation: I have no fucking idea, bro. Sorry.

According to The Sun, the 24-year-old Gharibi weighs 350 pounds and can lift 368 pounds (which seems weak, all things considered, no?). Regardless,the Iranian Hulk has amassed  over 62,000 Instagram followers, who track his progress as he prepares to participate in powerlifting competitions to represent his country.

Check this monster out.

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