Dude Mistaken For Morgan Freeman On Bachelor Party Becomes The Most Popular Dude On Spanish Island

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One can make a mighty fine living profiting off the likeness of someone more successful. The Zach Galifianakis doppelgänger on the Vegas strip was pulling in $240,000 a year just for dressing like Alan from The Hangover and taking pictures with tourists. Hell, the dude even got laid from it a few times.

Nigel, an older gentleman who vacationed to Magaluf–on the Spanish island of Majorca–became the most popular dude on the island after flocks of drunk party goers mistook him for living legend Morgan Freeman. Droves of people on the Magaluf strip bought Nigel drinks to thank him for his contributions to the world.



Nigel’s nephew, Louis, spoke to LADbible about his uncle’s wild time:

“I wasn’t in Magaluf at the time when he was out there but I heard through my cousin (his daughter) that he took everything in good spirit and just had a laugh with the people that were mistaking him for Morgan Freeman.”

“I don’t think that it happens all too often but I remember at his grandchild’s christening not too long ago people were joking about him looking like the actor; that’s the first time I’d heard about it!

“I’m pretty sure he now knows that he’s gone viral as my cousin would have definitely told him about it!”

No word on whether or not Nigel got laid out of this. I choose to believe he did.

[h/t LADbible]

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