This Guy Just Came Up With The Most Brilliant Sneaky Way To Tell Someone His Girlfriend Is Cheating On Him

You know that saying “nice guys finish last?” It’s true. Go ahead and imagine some random guy showed up at your front door and told you that he’d spent the last 3 weekends banging your girlfriend while you were out of town. Are you pissed? Of course. Gonna punch him in the face? Definitely.

But pump your brakes – he didn’t KNOW she had a boyfriend and only told him of that slight informality yesterday. He’s just trying to do the right thing here and you went and punched him in the fact for it. Looks like YOU’RE the asshole now.

Unless…he goes and does what this Bro did. Not only does he avoid the broken nose, but you get to go and break up with your girlfriend out of NOWHERE leaving her confused and crying. Win-win for all parties!

…except your girl. She sucks.

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