People Shared Their Most Impressive Feats Performed While Drunk And We Are A True Nation Of Heroes

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most impressive feats while drunk


Taking a break from the usual sexual-related questions over at “Ask Reddit” today we have a different, but equally scintillating topic of conversation.

Redditor modtrainer posed this question to the peanut gallery, “What’s the most impressive thing you’ve ever done while drunk?

If ever there was a query certain to elicit some fascinating responses this one most definitely qualifies.

And it delivered, as one would expect, with some crazy-ass shit.

Here are some of the highlights…

Fixed my truck. Don’t know what was wrong with it, still don’t, but one night I was blackout drunk and when I woke up there were tools everywhere and the truck ran fine. ~ awildredditappears

Fell backwards down my basement steps, slammed into a book shelf, and didn’t spill my Coors Light tall boy. ~ HowlAgain

My friend and I found an office chair and a discarded stroller around last call and hosted drag races along the downtown block. Bets and everything. Somehow we gathered around 50 people. ~ xShelter

Start a relationship that still lasts, nearly 8 years later, by confessing her my love on the phone while completely drunk. ~ mr_nephos

Fucked a couch. But I asked if it was okay first. ~ machinegundelli

I left a party drunk in college to walk to Wendys to get somthing to eat. I was black out drunk, and came to when I was walking through a field. I had no idea where I was, I was cut up and bloody, and my clothes were torn. It turns out I left me my jacket at the party, I walked 3 miles out of town and crossed through a few barbed wire fences in the dead of winter in Laramie Wyoming. I did not freeze to death, that was impressive. ~ wrangler04

Assembled an Ikea kitchen table, four matching chairs, and two bookcases.

Totally forgot I did it so when I woke up it was like the Ikea elves came. ~ snakeoil-huckster

I was walking with a friend I met at a resort and she said she had to use the washroom and told me to wait. I got bored and climbed 2 stories up the wall and just chilled in someone’s private balcony. I found it hilarious when she came back to try and find me. It wasn’t so funny when I fell down trying to get down. ~ AnnoyinWarrior

In my college career I’ve had many “black outs” where to everyone else they thought I was mildly drunk, but I would have no recollection of the days before.

This one time however, driving to LA I was drinking Smirnoff and skittles. Never a good idea. Apparently I asked my buddy Andrew, the driver, to pull over. I managed to pee, puke, and hold the door open, all without getting any food bits on my shoes. I didn’t puke just a little bit, I projectile vomited some 3-5 feet of ramen noodles.

I was told this story the next morning, as they had left me in the car to sleep instead of waking me to come inside the hotel. ~ pootaboo

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