These Are The Most Popular Days Of The Week To Buy Weed

A Seattle-based cannabis analytics firm (HOLY S**T how does such a thing exist?!) named Headset has just released data based on over 715,000 transactions from the month of August. The most popular days to buy (LEGAL/RECREATIONAL) weed are pretty much the days you’d expect them to be, in order. Like, if you were to ask me to lay out which days I thought were the most popular I’d have said these exact days in this exact order, and it wouldn’t even have been a very difficult guess..The most popular times to buy weed, that’s where I would’ve been way off.

via Bloomberg:

A new report from Headset, a Seattle-based cannabis analytics firm, found that Fridays are the most popular day of the week to go shopping for recreational marijuana. That’s according to data collected from 715,000 August transactions at cannabis retailers in Washington State, where recreational use of the drug is legal. Saturdays are the second most popular day to buy weed, followed by Thursday. The least popular day is Monday. (Nobody wants to get high on Mondays.)

‘Friday, Saturday, Thursday’..I’d have put them in that order and been correct. Now, the most popular times of the week to purchase legalized recreational weed is a bit surprising, and if you’re a smart customer you’ll use this data and start showing up at times not listed below because it’s when the dispensaries won’t be at PEAK business:

Legal marijuana is most likely to be purchased between 3 and 5 o’clock on Fridays, Headset found. Another quarter of purchases occurred during the traditional happy hours between 6 and 8 o’clock. In another less-than-shocking finding, just 13 percent of purchases are made between 9 and 11 in the morning. The early bird, it appears, does not get the legal weed.

They claim this is all part of the ‘work for the weekend’ mentality, and that during the regular work week the busiest times at a dispensary are during typical office lunch hours.

As for how much people are spending on weed, well, marijuana‘s nowhere even close to catching alcohol or tobacco yet. The average annual expenditure per customer on marijuana is just $647, compare that with tobacco of $2,555 (for users/customers) and $1,560 on booze.

There’s actually A TON OF FASCINATING DATA about the recreational marijuana industry over on Bloomberg, so just follow that link and keep on reading if this is something that’s piqued your interest!

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