Mama Doggy Saved Her Pups From Dying In A Forest Fire By Digging A Hole Because Moms Are The Best

CHOOOOO CHOOOOO! All aboard the Feels Train, bros, there’s not a moment to lose! A mama dog in Chile saved her nine young puppies from dying in a raging forest fire by digging a hole and forcing them to climb down into it. Mama also survived the fire by covering the hole with her pups inside and shielding them from the scalding flames.

Chilean firefighters found the dog, now nicknamed ‘blacky’, while fighting the raging forest fire near the city of Valparaiso and captured footage of the dogs being rescued:

According to the DailyMail, residents told firefighters in the area that they had seen this courageous mommy leading her nine puppies away from the flames to dig a hole and cover it with a metal container to save her babies from almost certain death. Firefighters then rescued ‘Blacky’ and her pups, who have all now been adopted (according to BuzzFeed).

The love of a mother knows no bounds, and this story of a canine mother putting her life on the line to save her offspring straight up tugs at my heart strings.

Here on BroBible I make no attempts to hide the fact that I’m a completely dog obsessed dude. My life basically revolves around the three ladies in it: my dog, my wife, and my mother (and I’m not ashamed to admit that). If I could adopt this mama dog and all nine of her puppies I would, that’s something I want in my life. But for now I’ll settle with hugging my dog, kissing my wife, and calling my my mother to tell her I love her.

The fire was allegedly started by a local man operating an illegal landfill, and authorities are said to be bringing charges down upon the Valparaiso resident. BBC News is reporting that the Valparaiso forest fire has already burned up more than 500 hectares of land (~1,235 acres), and 19 firefighters have been injured fighting the flames (five seriously injured).