Terminally Ill Police K-9 Receives A ‘Hero Tribute’ During His Final Trip To The Vet—All The Feels

As was befitting of his former status as a member of the Woolwich Township Police, a terminally ill K-9 received a ‘hero tribute’ during his final trip to the vet’s office. The 9-year-old German Shepherd had succumbed to Cushing’s Disease and was to be euthanized, as the disease had taken hold and he was unable to eat anymore. But, he would receive the admiration and respect of his fellow officers on the way out.

Judge was a 9-year-old German Shepherd credited with entering the field over 280 times, assisting in the arrests of 152 people, the removal of three handguns from our streets, and Judge helped bring in over $47,000 in cash.

In June of 2014 Judge was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease after a period of vomiting and hair loss, and began treatment. In November, his battle with Cushing Disease took a turn for the worse after vets found large masses throughout his body (liver and testicles) and Judge left to enter the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital where his bills surmounted $10,000, far exceeding the annual allotment of $300 the township coverage offers.

Quickly the officers banded together and created a GoFundMe page, and within one weekend they’d raised over $12,000 to cover any and all expenses for Officer Judge.

Alas, the disease continued to worsen and Judge was no longer able to eat after his liver had swollen to the point of blockage.

From Gloucester County Online:

The police also received an offer for free medical care for Judge from St. Francis Veterinary Hospital, said Chambers.

Now, Franks said, Judge’s liver had become enlarged, crowding the animal’s stomach. This meant Judge was unable to eat. The Cushing’s Disease had become too much for Judge to handle, said Franks. A medical decision was made Thursday to euthanize the dog.

Franks said he knew Judge would be able to walk into the hospital once he’d taken a bite grip on a training “sleeve.” This was like a toy, or reward, for Judge. Several K-9 cops smiled and remarked that they knew Judge would be strong enough to walk in.

One surprise was the double line of vets and vet technicians just inside the door. One woman sobbed.

“They’ve been just great,” said Franks when it was all over.

It’s okay if you’re feeling a little dusty right now, we all are.

Farewell Judge, you were a beloved hero.

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