Mother Lights Cigarette for Her Toddler. WAIT. What the F*ck Did I Just Type?

If the mother is ever found surely she'd say something like, “it was a tactic to deter him from smoking in the future,” at which point I'd refute that at his age an even better tactic is putting your fucking cigarettes on a high shelf, not making him smoke an entire pack until he pukes. Then she would counter, “We'll give him lung cancer before he's ten years old, that'll teach him better than anything,” and that, my friends, is a bullet proof argument which would rendered me unable to dispute her ability to rear a child.

These photos were posted on Shanghai Style File blog, which is usually dedicated to fashion. According to the blog

And now for something completely different. We interrupt Shanghai Style File’s usual broadcast of all things chic to present to you a smoking Chinese toddler spotted on Easter Sunday in Shanghai’s family-friendly Fuxing Park. My jaw dropped when his pajama-clad mother handed the tot a cigarette… then lit it for him … then smiled on as he smoked it… then laughed as he rolled on the ground when he felt sick. As I snapped photos, my friends begged the parents to intervene, but they just enjoyed the show. This is a disturbing scene indeeed, but I could not not share this.

[H/T Gawker]

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