Motorcyclist Performs Crazy Stunts In Epic Police Chase, Then He… Stops For Gas?

Motorcyclist Phillip Resendez put on one of the best police chase performances we’ve seen in some time as he did stunts like standing on his motorcycle while cops on the ground and in a helicopter gave chase.

The chase really did have everything. It reached speeds of over 100 MPH at one point. He stopped in the middle of it to put in his ear buds. He got cornered on a dead-end street only to just drive past the cops and escape. He did tricks. And then it ended in the most bizarre way possible when he stopped for gas, the second time he rolled into a gas station during the chase. Like I said, it pretty much had it all.

He was charged with failure to yield and driving on the wrong side of the road during a pursuit.

He didn’t seem too upset with getting busted though.