Remember MySpace’s Tom Anderson, Aka The Guy Everyone Was Friends With? This Is What He Looks Like Now

Tom Anderson was your BFF4EVUR if you were one of the lonely kids in middle school who didn’t have enough friends to fully stack your “Top 8,” but to most people he was just that one guy you were automatically friends with whose profile photo never changed from a dude geekin’ in front of a whiteboard. Now that MySpace is essentially dead (although I think Justin Timberlake bought it a while back…you know you have way too much expendable income when you buy a website on its deathbed), we’ve all gone and forgotten about our dear old friend Tom. Oh Tom, how we miss you and your…face. I guess. I don’t really care about Tom, although I am envious of him. The 44-year-old is now semi-retired and travels the world as a photographer, and no joke his photos are actually legit:


But what does he look like now? If you actually go and visit his Instagram you’ll see that most of his photos are of landscapes and the like rather than selfies. Like the anti-Kim Kardashian. You’ve gotta scroll real far back and eventually you’ll find…


…that he doesn’t look much more different now from what he looked like back in the days of MySpace. Pour one out for good genetics, you lucky bastard.