French Couple Bangs On Fortress Wall And 32 Feet Later They Both Were Finished

by 4 years ago
dead sex


Don’t let romance or good sex kill you and never let it talk you into banging places you shouldn’t be banging. Take this French couple as an example. The poor bastards just wanted to add a little spice to their sex life and they ended up falling off the side of a damn fortress.

Police suspect a horrific lovemaking accident is to blame after a French couple were found dead at the bottom of a fortress wall on Thursday, both totally naked.

The couple, both aged 31, were found on Thursday in a moat surrounding the Vauban fort in the Chausey archipelago, off France’s north-western coast.
The man was found early on Thursday morning in a dried out part of the moat. His partner was found later in the afternoon in water that was 1.5 metres deep.

Police found the couple’s clothes at the top of the wall. Officials estimate the drop to be about 10 meters, or about 32 feet, and yes I cringed too.

“Bet he was never as deep as he was the moment they hit the ground.” — JCamm.

That’s it for me, folks.

[via The Local]