This Dude Got A Horrendous Naked Donald Trump Tattoo, Gives Him A Micro Penis

We didn’t even make it to happy hour today before some news filtered out of my home state of Florida that made me stop and scratch my head in bewilderment. Spooks Joya is the owner of Pride N Envy Tattoos here in Kissimmee, Florida and when he saw a photo floating around the Internet of Donald Trump sporting a micro penis he put out an offer (FOR FREE) to tattoo it on anyone that would be willing to get a naked micro penis Donald Trump tattoo.

Well, someone took the bait and here we are, living in a world where a Florida Man is out there walking around with a naked tattoo of Donald Trump sporting a micro penis. The image of the Donald Trump tat is below and while it’s just tattoos (and not actual nudity) it might be considered NSFW for some of you, so scroll at your own risk:

This was the sketch:

VICE’s MotherBoard reports:

The image was created by the artist Illma Gore as a satirical response to Trump’s political campaign. Soon after she posted it to Facebook and Instagram, people started sharing it far and wide on the internet.
“I actually saw the original picture by Illma Gore and thought it was awesome” Joya said in an email. “I researched what the piece stood for and couldn’t resist not doing it, so I offered to do it for free on anyone who wanted. It started out as a joke but I was surprised people seriously wanted to get it done. Men and women. It was nuts!!”
Hector Santos saw Joya’s offer and was quick to reply. He had been following the Trump campaign and was familiar with Spooks’ previous work so he says he reached out immediately to secure his place in history. Joya agreed to tattoo the nude image of Trump on Santos’ left thigh.

Let’s take a look at that tattoo once more, shall we?

Here it is just before it was finished:

And once again, here is the finished product:

This right here, bros, this is the state of the 2016 Presidential Election. People are getting tattoos of the GOP front runner, a man who could be just a few short months away from sitting in the Oval Office, and they’re getting tattoos of him with a micro penis.

I’m not sure what’s worse though, our own Matt Keohan losing a bet to Rebecca and having to get a replica tattoo of Kylie Jenner’s hip tat or this Donald Trump micro penis tattoo…Thoughts?

(h/t MotherBoard)