Ha! New Study Finds Being a Vegetarian Isn’t Good For You


This is crazy news. It turns out that attempting to buck tens of thousands of years of human dietary evolution because ‘wahhh meat is murder’ isn’t all that good for you or your body.

Because a new study says a vegetarian diet isn’t healthy and, in fact, can lead to a lower quality of life.

Talk about basic common sense. One, you know, humans were sort of designed to require animal protein to survive. Secondly, eating animal protein is delicious, which would naturally lead to being happier. Here’s what scientists found.

The research, published in February in the journal PLoS ONE, surveyed 1,320 Austrians, evenly portioned to four different nutritional groups: a vegetarian diet, a carnivorous diet rich in fruits and vegetables, a carnivorous diet less rich in meat, and a carnivorous diet rich in meat.

“Overall, vegetarians are in a poorer state of health compared to the other dietary habit groups,” the authors reported.

Vegetarians suffered from higher rates of allergies, cancer, anxiety, and depression.

Hold on one second.


Okay. Yes, humans eat too much meat, and modern factory farming needs to be revamped, but people who refuse to eat meat are terrible and deserve every single ailment they get because of it.

Fuck vegetarians.

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[Vegetarian dish via Shutterstock]