News Anchor Snaps While Ranting About The Olympics’ Copyright Policies, Finishes Up By Singing R. Kelly

The copyright rules that the Olympic Committee has put into effect for Rio are absolutely bananaland. Essentially, no one can post anything about the events until NBC and the various affiliates post first. So, if an athlete takes a selfie after winning a fucking gold medal, no dice. It’s not an official NBC piece of media. If I used my phone to take a video of something that just happened during an event, it’s not allowed to be used. Literally, nothing can be used unless NBC produced and shared it.

So I completely understand where this dude is coming from. It’s annoying as fuck. The guy’s out here trying to talk about the Olympics but he’s literally not allowed to. I mean, I’m just a blogger, but I’m not sure how one company can essentially own the only newsworthy items for a two week span. That’s S.A.F. (Selfish As Fuck).

[h/t Esquire]