It Looks Like North Korea Just Tested A Nuclear Bomb, Bros

Atilla Jandi — Shutterstock

North Korea recently made minor waves when the Communist nation announced it acquired its first hydrogen bomb.

The announcement was met with worldwide skepticism, given the meager means of the country.

However, reports out of North Korea tonight make it sound like it just tested … something.

It began with a magnitude 5.1 earthquake noticed by Chinese and South Korean scientists. Both believe the quake to be man-made.

The quake also originated out of a location North Korea has previously performed tests, Punggye-ri.

There’s also this.

Whether it was another atomic bomb, or the country’s first, more powerful H-bomb, is yet to be known.

UPDATE:Covucci nailed it

North Korea last conducted a nuclear test in February of 2013, detonating a bomb with a seven kiloton yield.

The last nuclear test by a nation other than North Korea was when India and Pakistan tested bombs in 1998.

[Via The Daily Mail]