This Is What NOT To Do When A Girl Gives You A Fake Phone Number And The Person You Text Tells You It’s Fake

If a girl gives you a fake number and the person on the other end of that number tells you that you’re being duped, it’s in your best interest to shut up. Even if she gave you the right number and is just faking like she’s someone else, you should still shut up. Not only does she not want to talk to you, but in the event that the number was indeed fake I’m almost positive the random person you just texted also does not want to talk to you.

Case in point? This idiot who wouldn’t stop texting a wrong number, then managed to shove his foot even further into his mouth when he tried bribing her with his fancy lawyer job.

Besides, somehow I don’t think any lawyer worth his or her salt would text like an illiterate monkey:

[Via Imgur]