This Compilation Of Nutshots > The Nutcracker Ballet

‘The Nutcracker’ ballet might in fact be the worst thing about the holidays. I grew up in a pretty close-knit family, and my little cousin is a dancer. Every single year of her childhood, whatever dance company or school she was at would put on a performance of ‘The Nutcracker’ during Christmastime, and as a family we’d all have to see it.

If it was once or twice, I’d be okay with it. But having to see ‘The Nutcracker’ ballet no less than ten times throughout my lifetime is simply too much, no man should ever be subjected to that much ballet. I’ve become so adverse to the ballet that I’d actually rather make a cameo in this video below of bros getting hit in the nuts, than to ever have to endure another ballet performance.

Like I said in the title…. Nutshots Compilation > The Nutcracker

via FAIL Army


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