Obese Dude Who Contemplated Suicide Loses 110 Pounds And Becomes A Shredded Life Coach

Facebook/Mark Ludlow

In the most formative years of his life, Mark Ludlow felt worthless after being incessantly bullied at school for his weight and learning disabilities. That feeling surged into Ludlow’s adulthood and spawned into social paranoia, anxiety, depression and feelings of suicide. This “deep undercurrent of sadness,” as Ludlow put it, also prohibited Ludlow from having any professional success, wallowing in his career without any merits or promotions.

But, despite all his setbacks, over two years, Ludlow broke through psychological barriers and conquered demons. He trained hard, ate right, and managed to lose 110 pounds.

Now he has started up a successful personal training and life coaching business and said he is becoming a confident, positive and outgoing individual who loves his life.

“All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them,” he says.

Good on you, bro. This story has given me the inspiration to actually go for a run tonight. Maybe

[h/t LADbible]