One Man Bank Robbery Only Lasts 60-Seconds, Involves Big Ol’ Gun And Minimal Booty

The booty I’m referring to is of course the cash money the robber grabs in the the heist. I’m using pirate lingo out of respect for pirates, the O.G.’s of stealing wealth. Unfortunately for the protagonist in this bank robbery he appears to have watched far too much footage from ‘The Dark Knight’ (2008) and didn’t actually research the fact that a bank might be the worst place imaginable to try and pull off a heist.

Much like convenience stores that are open late night, banks have extreme regulations on how much cash can be in the register at any given time, and how that cash is accessed. These regulations are in place to stop some dude with a huge gun from walking in the front door and waving it around, demanding all the cash in the register in hopes of getting out of there swimming in Benjamin’s.

This sixty-second robbery is quite fascinating though, as you can witness the moment when the robber realized he’s just ruined his life over a couple hundred bucks. Maybe he’ll get away, but that’s not likely. Chances are that he’s just committed a very serious felony of armed robbery (and a host of other charges), and it was all for the sake of like $300 bucks, or whatever was in that grey bag and sitting in the register.

Police in Post Falls, Idaho are looking for any leads to the suspect and would cherish your help in finding the robber.