Dude Takes Completely New Approach To Online Dating And Lets His Mom Run His Tinder For A Month

by 5 years ago

Clay Skipper, a writer for GQ Magazine, hadn’t been in a serious relationship for years. So he tried a bold and completely unorthodox strategy – let his mother run his Tinder. And not just for five swipes or a day. For an entire month!

Now this questionable gameplan has the potential to be disastrous.

Exhibit A.)

Now asking “What snacks do you like” is a very mom-esque opener, and might seem corny as hell. However, it does have potential since women are so accustomed to seeing such over-the-top and often blatantly sexual pickup lines. I wish someone would take the time and consideration to ask me what kind of snacks I prefer.

There also is a hazard exposing your mother to the sometimes naughty world of Tinder, like when someone tells your mommy that they want to do molly with her. Another Tinder user was completely naked, which is usually an automatic swipe right, was greeted with a “Yuck” from Clay’s mother and a dismissive swipe left.

Not to mention that your dear ole mom will undoubtedly have conversations with bots who want to have imaginary sex with her.

But as all mothers, they want the best for their sons and are willing to be the best wingmom a boy can have. Clay’s mom ended up finding him a date through Tinder. But mom gave him wise words of advice, “You could get a lot of sexually transmitted diseases. I don’t think you should just hook up for casual sex. I think you should get to know people.” God bless moms.

Read the entire story over at GQ.

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