Oscar Pistorius’ Uncle Who He Was Living With Under House Arrest Just Conceded Oscar Committed Murder

arnold pistorius 2

Oscar Pistorius’ uncle just switched teams.

Arnold Pistorius, who has supported his nephew through the entire legal proceedings to date and is currently sheltering the double-amputee on house arrest as he awaits his June sentencing trial for murder, told Metro that he supports the findings of the court case in which Pistorius was found guilty of killing his model girlfriend.

arnold pistorius

That is going to make for one awkward dinner convo.

“Hey Uncle Arnie, I heard you snitched and could very well sentence me to a life in a 4×4 steel cage.”

“Ya, but remember that X-box I got you on your 15th birthday??”

“Fuck you, Arnie. Fuck you.”

Pistorius’ uncle’s bombshell revelation comes a day after a pair of forensic analysts suggested that Pistorius may have beaten Reeva Steenkamp with a cricket bat before firing shots into her hip, head and arm. They pointed to bruising on Steenkamp’s back that was previously overlooked, indicating that she was running away from Pistorius before he struck her.

Pistorius’ sentencing trial is set for June and in light of these new revelations, it’s difficult to imagine that Pistorius will ever be on the right side of the prison walls for the rest of his existence.

[h/t Metro]

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