The UVA Dude Arrested In North Korea Blames His Actions On A Secret Society At The School With CIA Ties

Last week, we brought you the news of Otto Warmbier, a UVA student arrested in North Korea for stealing a political sign from hotel in Pyongyang. He was sentenced to 15 years in a labor camp, after confessing before authorities.

In the confession, he made a curious reference to the Z Society, one of a couple UVA secret societies that (hand wanking motion) … well, no, hand wanking motion.

There are seven or so of them at UVA, most prominently the Seven Society, the Thirteen Society, and the Z Society, which from as far as I can tell, spend their time painting their logos around campus to make people want to join them, then not really doing anything at all. Sitting around in a circle and jerking it.

Or, they are a front for CIA activities in Charlottesville, recruiting members to commit act across the world.

Maybe? In Warmbier’s confession, Gawker writer Sam Biddle made note of a reference to the Z Society’s involvement.

The Z Society is the most secret organization at the UVA. All members and activities are strictly confidential… I [became aware of them when I] saw large Z crests painted on buildings around the compound.

The Z Society has around ten student members currently, and after graduation they all go on to become very wealthy, with jobs in politics, business, and religion. Members of the Z Society include former U.S. president Woodrow Wilson and a former head of the CIA. The stated objective of the Z Society is to spread freedom and eliminate tyranny.

There is no doubt the CIA knows of the Z Society’s encouragement of my crime.

Why would he bring that up? He says that he was trying to steal the banner to impress members of the Z Society, who must commit a “brave act” that contributes to the society’s stated goals to gain entry.

Who knows what the fuck North Korea was making him say. My guess is he really was trying to steal the sign to impress a stupid secret society, and he told them as such. But things got lost in translation and North Korea heard secret society and immediately thought it was a CIA front, and made him say as much. Makes sense to me.

Or the CIA really does embed itself in every facet of American society.

Anyway, college Bros, don’t steal signs from tyrannical nations.

Warmbier also blames the United States for “manipulating people like myself to commit crimes,” which yes, this is true, the United States has created an environment where entitled white millennials feel they can drunkenly go to wherever in the world and act with impunity.

That part is undoubtedly true.

[Via Gawker]