Here’s How You Can Own A Piece Of The Most Interesting Man’s Worldly Possessions, Guaranteed To Put Hair On Your Chest



Much to my dismay, my favorite beer has lost my favorite spokesperson. Dos Equis has sent The Most Interesting Man in the World on a one-way mission to Mars, thus ending a glorious 10-year ad campaign that is widely viewed as the best of the 21st century.

Although the man who gave his father “the talk” and who lives vicariously through himself will no longer grace our television screens, he has left his Coveted Collection behind, giving us peasants an opportunity to obtain some of his magic. Think of it as a Cinco De Mayo gift.

Through an immersive digital experience at, fans will be given opportunity to bid on one of 25 of The Most Interesting Man’s worldly possessions, such as the tuxedo he wore at his last Masquerade, his Spanish guitar and matching mariachi suit, and even his astronaut suit from his 2010 stratosphere jump. Wearing that tuxedo out in public would be like playing with cheat codes…

most interesting man

Friggidy fresh.

If that ain’t enough to get your engine running, Dos Equis is giving one fan a chance to win an all-expense paid trip for two to a hacienda in Mexico for a weeklong vacation. Like, you pay nothing.

price is right

These pieces, the all-expense paid trip and more will be auctioned off throughout April at

As you embark on your journey to Mars to dodge a Trump presidency, you’ll be sorely missed by all, my friend. I will hold this picture of me and the BroBible boys trying to steal your girls at last year’s Masquerade Ball near and dear to my heart.

Now that you’re heading to Mars, throw a bro a bone and pass along their numbers.
most interesting man

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