‘P.Ness Plays Online Blackjack’ And The Dealers Can’t Keep It Together In The Best Prank Of 2016 (Yes, I Am A Child)

If you’re like me and still enjoy jokes that would make your middle school self laugh then you’re going to love this online blackjack prank. A man went around to various online blackjack tables playing under the name Peter Ennis, which abbreviates to P.Ennis. The blackjack dealers refer to players by ‘First Initial, Last Name’ and unlike the earliest days of online gambling when you were playing against a computer there are actual human beings on the other end of the table flipping the cards. So, in this case, you’ve got a regular human on the other end saying things like ‘Welcome, Penis’ and then trying to stop themselves from laughing.

I may look like a grown ass man but deep down I’m still just a middle school boy laughing at penis jokes. Once a month I change the name of my group texts to some variation of the ‘Pen15 Club’ just to annoy the shit out of my bros who use work phones and don’t appreciate sophomoric jokes. A prank like this just hits me right in the funnies.

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(via r/videos)