Pablo Escobar’s Tropical Mansion Gets Turned Into Luxuriously Swanky 5-Star Hotel

by 3 years ago

Pablo Escobar is believed to be one of the richest criminals of all-time with an astounding net worth of $30 billion. The infamous drug kingpin was said to have many mansions, one even had a private zoo with hippos and zebras. Another one of his mansions is located in the Mexican beach town of Tulum. Pablo died in 1993, so he really doesn’t have a need for his tropical Mexican abode. This mansion was so magnificent that it was purchased and transformed into a 26-room hotel named “Casa Malca.”

New York art dealer Lio Malca saw this beautiful property and thought it would make for a perfect resort so he purchased the Colombian drug lord’s property after discovering it in 2012. He purchased the mansion and made it into a boutique hotel, complete with his own artwork as well as others. The unusual hotel nestled in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula opened in 2015.

From Casa Malca:

Discovered in 2003 after sitting empty for a decade, CASA MALCA was seemingly preserved in time, untouched by the seasons. Newly renovated, we have captured the essence of CASA MALCA’s earthy charm while updating our facilities and maintaining the eco-friendly construction of the house, which beautifully contrasts with the contemporary art that hangs and lives all around. Above all, the space honors Tulum’s precious resources and unparalleled offerings, from local fresh produce to artisan crafts.

A spacious beachfront villa, perched above the sand, CASA MALCA is a home unlike any other. Beautiful yet, rustic, the house invites ocean breezes, and the sound of lapping waves. Surrounded by lush jungle vegetation, our rooms are airy and comfortable. Take in the view from the private terrace of our 9 spacious rooms in the house or immerse yourself in our luscious gardens from some of our 26 rooms scattered around the property.

What was once home to one of the most violent drug cartel leaders of all-time is now a five-star eco-friendly resort in the Riviera Maya.

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