Ever Wonder How Insane Pablo Escobar’s Net Worth Was? This Video Shows You Exactly How Nuts

The other day, the trailer for the second season of Narcos came out, and I talked about how I didn’t really think the first season was all that good.

The only reason it was so popular was because the true story of Pablo Escobar is just that fucking unbelievable. It wasn’t a well done show, but it was still captivating. Put a couple of moustaches on some penguins and have them act out the rise of the Medellin Cartel and you’ve got yourself a fucking Oscar-worthy flick.

I’ll watch literally anything about Escobar. Especially when it comes to how fucking rich he was.

His cocaine cartel was worth more than Starbucks is now. Think about that. That’s selling a product people love.

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