Pablo Escobar Vs. El Chapo: Chart Compares The Two Most Notorious Drug Dealers In History

El Chapo vs Pablo Escobar


They are the two most notorious drug lords in history, one preceding the other by several decades, but even to people that don’t do drugs the names Pablo Escobar and Joaquín ‘El Chapo‘ Guzmán are known. Each of these men amassed vast fortunes, with estimated net worths in the billions, and they did so be pushing cocaine onto the world in unfathomable quantities.

Below, has put together a comprehensive chart comparing the two drug lords and it’s fascinating as hell…Below this chart BI’s also gathered some amazing info on the two men, so be sure to check that out before leaving:

As I mentioned above, has put together spectacular profiles on these two kingpins and I HIGHLY SUGGEST you bros check that out if you were interested in this chart. They go on to show the massive flow of cocaine out of Mexico and into Chicago, something I wasn’t really aware of until now. So follow that link!