This Is The Most Pathetic Attempt I’ve Ever Seen From A Guy Trying To Ask A Girl Out Via A Newspaper Ad


Since my job literally requires me to dick around on the Internet for 8 hours a day I’ve pretty much “seen” it all. I’ve seen Bros picking up chicks on Tinder by challenging them to a game of tic-tac-toe, I’ve seen guys being dicks on OkCupid for no apparent reason and I’ve seen a woman live-tweet a horrible Tinder date with a trust fund brat at a bar. But you know what I don’t see too often?

People trying to get laid with newspaper ads.

Maybe it’s because no one under the age of 60 really reads newspapers anymore, or maybe it’s because…actually yeah that’s probably it. But either way some idiot from London made an attempt at picking up a woman using a newspaper ad, and surprise surprise it failed miserably. Go ahead and try to guess where he went wrong: by mentioning he’s a weird little fuck who uses discarded burger boxes as castanets (a sentence I never thought I would have to write in my life), or the fact that he put it into a newspaper.

// then comes the regret, because the whole thing would never be complete without a moment of “Oh wait what the fuck did I just do”:


[H/T Elite Daily]