Paula Deen Is Still A Racist Idiot, Tweets Photo Of Her Son In ‘Brownface’

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Paula Deen is either racist, ignorant, out of fucks to give, braindead or a hellacious combination of all four. I’m venturing to guess it’s the pu pu platter. Otherwise why would she — a person with a terribly racist record — ever tweet out a photo of her son rocking epic brownface? And how the fuck is she even allow to manage her own social media accounts?


According to Yahoo:

Tuesday morning, the deep-fried dogmatist posted a #TransformationTuesday photo on Twitter, featuring herself as I Love Lucy’s Lucy, her former producer Gordon Elliott, and her son Bobby Deen — in brownface — as Ricky. The tweet, which read “Lucyyyyyyy! You got a lot of esplainin’ to do! #Transformation Tuesday @BobbyDeen,” has since been deleted, but not before it was saved, well, everywhere. (For the record, the photo itself is not a new one: it’s actually from the 2011 Halloween episode of her Food Network show, Paula’s Best Dishes. Then again, it was no less racist then.)

Was this idiotic? Of course. Racist? Possibly. An attempt to ruin her son’s life since her’s is in the shitter? IT JUST MIGHT BE. Hell, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t actually rooting for it to be the latter. Devious old bitch.