Guy Tries To Punch Girl On The Beach During PCB Spring Break, Gets Knocked Out Cold

Spring Break 2015 in Panama City Beach simply cannot get out of its own way. This morning we brought you news of Mississippi State QB Dak Prescott getting jumped at a Waka Flocka concert, and of a 600-pound mako shark caught on the sands of Panama City Beach. Now this: a spring breaker tries to take a swing at a woman, misses, then gets knock the fuuuuuuck out.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

This sorry excuse for a human being swings at the woman and misses:

She swings back, barely connects:

Bro in the Toronto Raptors T-Mac jersey connects and knocks him the fuck out:

All hell breaks loose:

Listen, we have no idea what led up to this fight. All we see is a seemingly drunk guy take a swing at a woman and then get knocked the fuck out, and as the guy was the first person to throw the punch in this video we’re completely justified in thinking he deserved every bit of ass whooping he got.

[Tip of the hat to Kmarko @ Barstool U for finding and sharing this video]