Dare You Not To Watch This Video Of A Pet Penguin Shopping For Fish Like It’s A Person


There is no particular reason for this post about a penguin who waddles to a Japanese grocery store and brings back fish in his little backpack. The video was uploaded in 2008 and apparently aired before then on some sort of Animal Planet program.

Then again, does this really need a news peg? I’d never seen it before this morning and since it was brought to my attention I’ve done little else but research how to get a pet penguin of my own.

My findings: it’s pretty difficult.

Update: It appears the penguin, Lala, was also featured on Real TV. He has his own room and does whatever the hell he wants. What a champ.

There’s also this Reddit thread about him, which is a fun read.

OK. Here’s another adorable video:

Again. I apologize if you already knew about this penguin. I just got excited.