This Pennsylvania News Crew Was Attacked By Ghosts In What Might ACTUALLY Be A Legit Haunted House

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I’ve always believed that ghosts and other paranormal bullshit are just ways of bringing in tourists and explaining things that aren’t easily explainable. Weird smell wafting through the house? Yeah, that’s because someone farted and no one will cop to it. Lights keep flickering? Pay your electric bill ya cheap hobo. Unnaturally cold inside? Close the windows and make sure your heater isn’t busted, duh. But after investigating DeAnna Simpson’s house in Hanover, Pennsylvania, which was featured on an episode of The Dead Files on Saturday, Pennsylvania’s Fox 43 news station has apparently been convinced otherwise.

“Simpson says one of the entities in the house is a demon. It appears in a photo as a 7-foot-tall shadow figure. While we were there, Simpson recorded orbs on her cell phone camera and it caught a clip of a shadowy hand reaching out.
Investigating a HauntingWhen FOX43’s cameras went inside, our photojournalist Nick Petrillo felt his hand burning and saw a scratch on his wrist. Simpson put Holy water on him.
‘Because you’re telling the story,’ she says. ‘Because you’re putting it out there, because they don’t want– that is there, I’m just telling you, right now that is their way of a warning.'”

Via Uproxx

Oookay, so I’ll admit that randomly getting scratched out of nowhere isn’t exactly an everyday thing, but shit happens…and it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a ghost with a really sharp nail file hiding under your wrist. You’ll have to watch and decide for yourself, because the skeptic in me is thinking “Yeah and I bet everyone from Hanover, PA tuned into that episode of The Dead Files and boosted their ratings after watching that news report.”

Oh, and here’s the full episode of The Dead Files, if that’s something that floats your boat.

[H/T Uproxx]


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