Haters Are All Butt Hurt Over The ‘Lingerie’ Megyn Kelly Wore To The RNC But You Won’t Hear Us Complaining

So Megyn Kelly stood out from all the old, senile fucks at Wednesday night’s Republican National Convention by wearing a low-cut dress that in my estimation was simply dashing. Exquisite attire. Sexy, yet confident. Did it look like she was moonlighting as a cocktail waitress at a Cleveland club after the convention? No, people in Cleveland don’t own anything that nice.

Nonetheless, the Fun Police chimed in and reprimanded Megyn for being 45 and rocking a spaghetti strap dress like a college freshman before the Freshman 15 hits. They called her attire “unprofessional” and “inappropriate,” as if the RNC convention hall knows good fashion…

What are the odds Stuart has never seen a pair of boobs? I’m guessing high, considering his name is Stuart.

Stu was just the tip of the outrage iceberg as Twitter blew up with comments reprimanding Megyn for flauting what she’s got. For the record, I’m not shaming these people just because Megyn is hot. If Matt Lauer was built like The Rock and sported a sleeveless Van Halen shirt during the broadcast, I’d have no choice but to tip my cap in respect.

If Megyn rocks this next time she’s on air, I’ll get this photo tattooed on my forehead. You go girl.

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