People Shared The Most Bizarre Things They’ve Ever Been Accused Of And These Are Some F’d Up Rumors

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Rumors and false accusations are not cool, bros. Spreading false information about someone can (and does) ruin lives. A bunch of people over on AskReddit shared stories of the most bizarre things the’ve ever been accused of and I gotta say, if I was writing a mystery novel this is EXACTLY where I’d start.

These aren’t your every day, run-of-the-mill, ‘he said, she said’ types of accusations and rumors. There’s some genuinely weird shit going on here. Like the dude who was accused of cheating on his girlfriend with not 1 chick but FIVE AT THE SAME TIME (side note: he didn’t even have a girlfriend at the time). I won’t give away too much, so let’s get to AskReddit’s responses of the most bizarre things people have ever been accused of.


Wearing an invisible wire with an invisible ear-piece during an exam so that I could cheat.
This old exam administrator lady was walking around with a device that apparently detected radio transmissions and apparently it was detecting some from me. So instead of thinking that there must be an error, she decided that I must have invented a significant technological breakthrough in the evolution of Man kind, whereby I could make physical objects invisible.
And of course the first thing I’d do with this device would be cheat on my Intro to Psychology exam. Not, you know, sell it for billions of dollars.


In my freshman year of high school I was pantsed during the first quarter of the year. When I went down to pick my pants back up, the button on my boxers wasn’t closed so it opened as I bent of to get my pants. Someone apparently saw it.
I was accused of having a huge dick. Which is funny because as much as I love my sex sausage, it’s not huge. I would say around average or slightly above.
Which you would think who gives a fuck but it was mentioned nonstop. Which is kinda nerve wrecking because I didn’t want to disappoint.
The story kept snowballing, then it was rumoured that I had a huge hairy dick. Then a huge vainy dick. I heard my cock was a significally darker color than the rest of my body lol. So much weirdness. I never got to clarify only to those few disappointed ladies.


A person once accused me of cheating on my girlfriend with 5 other girls. Five! I didn’t even have a girlfriend.


I was accused of plagiarism. Of myself. Of a paper that had nothing to do with the paper I was accused of plagiarising on. It still took an entire ethics board to meet and clear me. (Granted, it took them about 60 seconds once they got to my case).

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