This Bro In A Phish Beanie Rocking Air Drums On A Silent Metro North Train Is My Spirit Animal

by 1 year ago

In 21 days, crunchy Bros from all around the Northeast will descend upon the greatest arena in the world — Madison Square Garden — for four nights of back-to-back Phish. To a certain subculture of chill bro, Phish’s New York City New Years run is a tradition as engrained as the ball drop in Times Square or college football bowl games on New Years day. I’m hyped for it.

You know who else hyped for it? This Bro, spotted air-drumming away on a silent Metro North train by Paulie Pabst from the Dan Patrick Show, presumably from New York City upstate to Westchester or Connecticut.

I have so many questions about this man, my spirit animal: Where are his New Years tickets? Does he have floors? How’d he do in the PTBM lotto? What year did he get that Mighty Ducks-looking beanie from Dry Goods or a merch table? What after-shows does he plan on hitting during the four-night run? Will he be pre-gaming at American Beauty or Stout? Hooters or Rattle ‘N Hum?

And, most importantly, what is he air drumming to? Given the length of his drumming without a fill, it has to be the Dayton Tube jam that happened 19 years ago on this date, right (…listen to it above)? Has to be.

If you are out there air-drumming Phish Bro, I want to hear from you []. I must have answers.

So stupendous, living in this Tube.


UPDATE: The air-drumming Bro in question has been found and was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning. According to reports, he said he was listening to Simple from Alpharetta and Golden Age from Vegas. Here’s the segment:

And his Twitter:

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