Drunk Aussie Blokes Find Some Chick’s Phone In The Bathroom Of A Bar And Leave Priceless Video

This video was taken after a woman in Tasmania (the island state of Australia) left her phone in the men’s bathroom at a bar. Her phone was then found by this group of Tasmanian blokes, and that’s when the hijinx began.

As I’m sure most of you already know the passcode/password is not needed to use the camera on an iPhone. What I’m sure most of you do not know is that this chick’s phone was found in the men’s bathroom. Because this is the Internet and everyone has way too much time on his/her hands, someone actually emailed the bar where this took place to find out if the bathrooms were unisex, or what the deal was. This was the response that redditor AkariAkaza got back from the bar:

Confirmed: phone found in the men’s bathroom, chick was probably doing all the things the guy on camera said she did (snorting lines, not that I judge her for that). And while she very well might have been using the men’s bathroom because it was vacant and there was a line for the girl’s bathroom, it’s also equally as likely that she was using the men’s bathroom to snort coke and hook up with some dude.

Why’s that an issue? Because it’s her boyfriend that first posted the video over to r/videos, and he wasn’t the guy in that men’s bathroom with her. The Internet might’ve just saved him from their relationship by exposing her as a cheater.