People Are Losing Their Damn Minds Debating Whether This Picture Is A Lake Or A Wall, And I’m Still Undecided

lake vs wall


Welp, it’s pretty hard to go at least a month on the internet without engaging in some debate where both sides decidedly feel they are correct – ahem, “The Dress,” and I’ll say no more about that. Fucking optical illusions, man. They get us every time.

Here’s the newest picture going viral because no one knows what the hell it is, and people are losing their goddamn minds trying to figure out whether it’s a lake sitting before a picturesque mountain, or just merely a wall. And to be honest, it’s kind of like a coin-flip the way I see it.


What’s your guess? Wall? Lake? Both?

Wait, it can’t be both, right?

Well, if your first instinct was WALL, then you are…CORRECT. At least according to the folks over at Playbuzz who are allegedly responsible for sparking this whole controversy, because that’s the kinda shit they do best on the internet. Toy with all of our emotions.

Still, though…how do we know we can trust them!? Guess the only real solution would be to figure out where the picture was taken, and go there to see for yourself.

Or not, and just maintain your opinion is the right one. Because why the hell not.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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