Look At This Shitty Picture NASA Took Of Pluto

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Ahhhhhh! Look at that pixelated little piece of shit. That’s Pluto! And the littler, more pixelated piece of shit above is its moon, Charon. That is the first picture of Pluto a man-made spacecraft has ever taken.

You are witnessing history and that’s pretty damn cool. It’s a picture nine years in the making. That’s when the New Horizon spacecraft launched on a mission to unearth secrets about the Kuiper Belt object, formerly considered a planet.

Of course, the picture is supposed to suck. The New Horizon spacecraft is still fucking far away from Pluto. Right now it’s greater than the distance from the Sun to Earth. But it’s barreling fast as fuck toward Pluto, and given the three BILLION miles it already traveled to get here, this ain’t shit. By July, the spacecraft will be close as all hell to Pluto, giving us amazing, high def pictures of the planet.

Astro space scientists are jacked. Said New Horizons team Member Hal Weaver.

“Pluto is finally becoming more than just a pinpoint of light. LORRI has now resolved Pluto, and the dwarf planet will continue to grow larger and larger in the images as New Horizons spacecraft hurtles toward its targets.”

Like I said earlier. We are about to learn a shit ton of shit about Pluto.

[via io9]

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