If A Cow And Fish Had Sex While Living Next To A Nuclear Plant, This Abomination Would Result

People are calling this abomination caught out of an Oklahoma lake a ‘rare catfish’ but it’s pretty damn obvious what this fish really is: a cowfish. Somehow somewhere a cow and a fish touched penis to vagina (while banging next to a nuclear power plant) and this cowfish/catfish popped out after 274 days (that’s how long cows are pregnant for).

The exceedingly rare fish was caught out of Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma, and pictures of it have began to go viral after he angler posted to a local fishing page on Facebook asking if anyone had ever seen anything like this before:


Facebook / Austin C.


Facebook / Austin C.


Facebook / Austin C.

After digging through whether or not this fish was even real I came to find out that the correct term for this abnormal catfish is ‘piebald’, it’s a ‘piebald catfish’. It’s not a cowfish, it’s a piebald catfish.

The comments over on the Facebook page where the angler posted his photos seem to suggest that this pattern in a catfish isn’t actually all that rare for that part of Oklahoma (presumably there’s a nuclear power plant nearby).