Man Fighting With Roommate About Pizza Chucks Hot Slice At Her, Goes To Jail Where There Is No Pizza

by 5 years ago

A fun thing to do with a hot, delicious slice of pizza is to eat it.

A not as fun thing to do with a hot, delicious slice of pizza is to throw it at your roommate when you are mad at her.

Because, 1. you don’t get to eat that pizza, and 2. you get to go to jail.

Which is sad. Daniel Plunkett, of Florida, is accused of throwing a slice of pizza at his roommate during an argument. Why they were fighting was not disclosed in the report, but presumably it was about who would get that slice. Now no one gets it. Via The Smoking Gun:

During the quarrel, Plunkett, 50, allegedly threw a slice at [Brenda] Fiejdasz, 56, who was struck in the left hand by the pizza. “The pizza was hot, victim had no injury,” an officer noted, adding, “Victim had pizza sauce on her right shoulder, and cleaned up prior to arrival.”

After being read his rights, Plunkett denied throwing the pizza. Instead, Plunkett–who had pizza sauce on his chest and shorts–claimed that Fiejdasz “threw pizza on him.”

I don’t know who to believe, but the cops believed the woman. Plunkett was charged with simple battery. He is being held without bail (and presumably without pizza) because of a parole violation.